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Web stuff; Camping World; sun and rain    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

Photo of sewer connectors

My old sewer adapter on the right and the new one on the left

I have wanted to get a different sewer connection adapter for some time. The one I have been using (at right in the photo) came with our 2006 Itasca Sunrise and I liked it for many years. But part of the flexible fitting that goes down into the sewer pipe connection got loose a couple of weeks ago and I needed to fix that. But I also decided that I wanted something that would work with the Prest-O-Fit system I have been using for several years now. I like their DuraForm hose because it is a true accordion type which collapses into a very short length making it easier to store. With the DuraForm hose I only need to stretch it out to the length needed, so I don't end up with excess snaky hose wandering around my campsite.

Fill and drain; recharge; rainy day    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, September 29, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

A fact of life living in an RV is that you have to manage your wastewater. The proper practice is to keep the valve on the black water tank (toilet waste) closed until the tank is at least ¾ full, then drain it. You  also want to drain the grey water tank (sinks and shower) after draining the black, so the grey water flushes out the sewer hose. If we are set for a while I will leave the grey tank slightly open so it can drain as we go, since we will fill the black tank in about a week but fill the grey tank in about three days. When the blank tank reaches the 2/3rds mark I close the grey valve to build up a level in the grey tank. Today was the day to drain both tanks.

Sitting in the sun; breakfast burritos    (Click for full story)

Posted: Sunday, September 28, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

We had a glorious day, weather wise, and took advantage of the warm sun to sit outside for a bit this afternoon. We had been inside in the late morning and early afternoon, but when I took the boys for a walk in mid-afternoon Gizmo just wanted to lay on the warm pavement at their usual pooping spot, so I took the hint. When we got back I asked Elaine if she wanted me to get our folding chairs out and she said yes. So I set them up in the grass in our yard and screwed in the dog peg and we went out and took the dogs with us. Elaine lasted in the sun for a while, but it got too hot for her so she moved her chair to the shade. Fortunately, we have some of both in our yard with a couple of small trees between us and the neighbor's lot. I was enjoying the sun, so I stayed where I was.

Slide in, slide out - Yeah, Destry; Bobs Red Mill    (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

Photo of  Desty in compartment

Destry working within a basement compartment - a tough place to get to.

We can now run our long driver's side living room/dining room slide in and out with its own motor! I wrote back on September 17th that the drive mechanism had broken when we were setting up in Missoula MT, and we have been operating the slide by hand since. A nasty job. I ordered the replacement parts from Bretz RV and Marine in Missoula MT and they were shipped from Tiffin and arrived this last Wednesday. Today Destry came over to help installing the parts. Actually, Destry installed the parts and I helped. It was a good thing he did, too, for I would have had some problem trying to do it myself. But Destry did an excellent job, especially considering that he had never even SEEN this kind of system before, much less worked on one.

Work around motorhome; web work    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, September 26, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

A week or so ago our front A/C unit started making a noise again similar to what it had been doing before we left NH. As you may recall we took it to an RV mechanic who did not find any particular  problem and after he opened up the unit to check it out it worked fine since then. Until a week or so,  that is. So this afternoon I took advantage of the sunny and dry weather to go up on the roof to check it out again myself. I found nothing out of the ordinary myself, but did not get into the sealed compressor unit. And as before, once I put the cover back on the unit was working fine. I plan to have the unit looked at in more detail once we get to Phoenix around November.

Pheasant Ridge RV Park; grandbabies    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014 - Wilsonville OR

Photo of OurHous on space 113

OurHous on space 113 at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort

Our stay in the Portland OR area is in a different place from where  we stayed in the past. This came about because Rachel and Destry have moved, and this new spot is closer to their new home than was our old stopping spot. For as long as we have been RVing, we stayed at the Portland-Fairview RV Park in Fairview, northeast of Portland and north of Gresham. We liked it there, and it was about twenty minutes from where they used to live. But they bought a house in Gladstone, further south of Portland, so I searched for a different spot closer to that area. We ended up at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort in Wilsonville, and we like it so far.