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Crafting is active. Trip to Maricopa. More on shed.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of crafting group

The crafting group is active, even in the summer.

Tuesday is crafts day in Royal Palm, and Elaine was there as usual as were 6-7 others. There is enough interest so  that the group gets together even in the summer now, whereas in years past they didn't. They get together for several hours and share ideas and (probably) gossip and help each other out. Each one brings their own projects to work on. Elaine sometimes brings some of her equipment for others to use, so  they don't have to purchase the equipment on their own. She is well equipped and is happy to share and show how to use the tools. Her embossing tool has been very popular lately since she showed how to cut shapes from flattened aluminum cans and other random stock.

Office lights. Shop floor.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of lights

We now have lights over our desks. Three LED bulbs should give us enough light.

Our office/craft room is now brighter! While Elaine has an Ott light over in her corner, I had no direct light over my desk area. During the day it is no problem, but at night more light is needed. We decided to use the same kind of fixture installed over our kitchen bar, bought at Lowe's, and Marv installed it today. We debated about how to get power to the light fixture and decided not to go through the ceiling and walls but to instead use a swag run to an outlet under Elaine's desk. That outlet is the standard switched outlet for what was designed as a bedroom, so now we can use the wall switch by the door to turn the lights on and off.

Gizmo. Potbelly Sandwiches.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Sunday, July 26, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Gizmo and paper

Caught in the act! Gizmo loves to shred any paper he can find, especially napkins and paper towels. Kerby used to do it, but not in the last few years.

Gizmo can always find a napkin or paper towel one of us has left nearby. We often come home to find shredded paper on the floor or on a chair or the couch. Gizmo has found paper that one of us left on the table beside our chair in the living room, or sometimes even left on our desk close to the chair. He LOVES to shred! Kerby used to do the same thing, but in his mature age he won't consider doing something so silly. Sometimes we scold Gizmo for doing this, but it is usually tongue-in-cheek for how can you punish him for doing something he obviously enjoys and that really does not create a problem. No problem, except when he takes some important paper off of my desk and shreds it. I learned to keep such papers well away from the edge!

Teri and Peter wedding    (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, July 25, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of wedding party

Peter (right of minister) and Teri (in pink dress) hear lesson about marriage.

We attended the wedding today of Peter Forget and Teri Rodgers, held here in Royal Palm in the Community Room. They live across the street from us, though we haven't yet had much chance to get to know them. I know that Peter plays Bingo and knows Elaine from that activity. There were about 50 people in attendance. Some were friends from Royal Palm, others were family, and others were friends from the church they attend. It was a fun wedding, but very traditional, and casual as fits the casual lifestyle here. There was a wide range of people in attendance.

Workbench progress    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of workbench frame

Here's the frame for my workbench. The top will be 24x96 inches

About the only thing to report today is that I am  making progress on the workbench in the new shed. I was able to get the frame constructed and in place today, ready to have the top and the shelf added. Now that I finally have my tools together, things went well. The top will be ¾ inch plywood. I will add a leg mid-length if needed. The frame is also set up for a shelf under the top, which will also be ¾ inch plywood. You will notice in the photo that the frame does not extend all the way to the wall at the left; that is on purpose. It will leave a space for me to store tall items such as lumber. While the top will extend about 8 inches beyond the frame, the shelf underneath will stop at the frame. This will give me space for a wastebasket at the end of the bench.

Tools. Elaine's last PT. Dave's RAD treatment.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of tools

I am gathering just about all my tools from the motorhome to the new shed by now.

For the last week every time I start to do something on my workbench project in the new shed I find I am missing some tool that is still in the motorhome. So I keep making trips over there to retrieve whatever I need. Today I just gave up and brought over everything that was left! So now at least I just have to walk over and look through whatever tub or box it is in to get it out. Now maybe I will make some progress! Today I got as far as predrilling some holes in the 2x3 ledger piece that will support the workbench top on the long side. But that limitation was due to a lack of time for the most part. I will have more time tomorrow to work on it.