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Town of Cave Creek AZ    (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2015 - Cave Creek AZ

Photo of Smokehouse

Cave Creek Smokehouse, one of the popular restaurants in Cave Creek, located in Frontier Town shopping plaza

Can you imagine settling an election tie dispute with a game of chance? That happened in Cave Creek AZ in 2009. 25-year-old law student Adam Trent won the election after a tie with incumbent Town Council member Thomas McGuire; they drew for high card to settle it. And this procedure is allowed under the Arizona State Constitution. This has not been the only incident that has brought Cave Creek into the new in the last few years. "Where the Wild West Lives" is the Town motto,  adopted by Town Council in November 2013. And the outward appearance of Cave Creek to the casual visitor is in keeping with that motto. Since we enjoy Cave Creek, we decided to visit there today.

Fun with Jan and Dave    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, January 30, 2015 - Surprize AZ

Photo of Elaine and Dave

Elaine and Dave sharing a sundae.

Jan and Dave Ostlund introduced us to a new place to eat tonight - Freddy's Custard and Steakburgers. It is a fast food restaurant where your food is cooked on your order, not before, so it is fresh when it reaches you. I had a burger and a hotdog; the burger was delicious as was the hotdog, and the buns were very tasty. The fries are very thin and crispy, and very tasty. I also had a frozen custard sundae, which was, of course, rich and delicious. Though it was a busy Friday evening with families eating out, our food was prepared quickly. Thanks, Dave and Jan, for a new experience! I checked and there is one near 51st Ave and Bell Rd, so we may try it some time.

This, too, is Phoenix    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of N 10th St area

Looking north on N 10th St from hill south of Carefree Hwy, showing lots of development

Most of us think of Phoenix as big city and urban and suburban areas. But in northern Phoenix, about 25 miles from downtown, a part of Phoenix looks quite different. Dirt streets, horse properties, larger lots, and a wide variety of housing types characterize this rural part of the city. When I last drove on Carefree Highway, the major road that crosses east-west through this district, it was probably 5-6 years ago and I was shocked at how much growth has occurred during that time. I saw much more residential growth, but more remarkable was the commercial growth of businesses and services to serve all those people who are moving there. But a large chunk of land south of Carefree Highway remains unchanged and will remain so; this is the Sonoran Desert Preserve.

Cricut Design Studio    (Click for full story)

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

photo of Elaine at computer

Elaine working at her computer

Elaine has been getting more and more into working with her Cricut Explore die cutting machine, and this requires also learning how to use Cricut Design Space, a browser-based application. Design Space is needed to interface with the Explore machine both for putting together a project as well as for operating the machine itself. It has been a slow learning curve, partially because it was so foreign to her at the start she had to take it small steps at a time. But she is learning quickly, and now is comfortable getting some projects designed and cut. The concept behind this system  is that you create a design on the computer and send it to the cutting machine to cut the pieces. The project can be simply one shape or can consist of many shapes each cut one at a time.

Seat hog; new bandages; meat deal    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Kerby hogging seat

Kerby won't give up his seat and insists on forcing Elaine to share it with him.

Kerby is a seat hog! When we leave the car to do shopping or whatever, he often gets on the passenger seat (sometimes the driver's seat) and curls up to wait for us. And when we return he does not want to give up the seat. We will try to coax him off of it, perhaps to sit in Elaine's lap, but he won't move. Yes, we COULD shove him to the floor, but we don't feel comfortable doing that. So, we just push him over to the inside of the seat and squeeze in beside him. It can be a challenge to hook the seat belt, but we can get it done. Even that activity does not disturb him. And he will just sit right there, squeezed against the console, for quite a while. We think he doesn't move until he gets too hot.

Checking out Loop 303    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, January 26, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Map of Phoenix freeways

The freeways in the Phoenix area. Loop 303 is the one on the northwest.

The newest member of the Phoenix metro freeway system is mostly completed, and we drove it today. Loop 303 connects I-17 in the north of Phoenix with I-10 in Goodyear, west of Phoenix. The last time I drove this route it was a two-lane rural road (Cotton Lane) with some intersections signalized and some not. And the north portion did not even exist. Today it is a modern four-lane divided freeway with grade-separation intersections for the most part; some sections are still under construction and are still two-lane. Loop 303 takes its place in the system of freeways and provides easy transition from I-10, which runs east-west, and I-17, which runs north-south, and allows traffic to totally avoid the Phoenix metro area.