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Record high tie; measuring up     (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, March 28, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Prelim site plan

Our preliminary site plan, showing existing building and concrete. Street is to the right, north is to the top.

Of course the engineer draws up site plans for his house! What else would you expect? We went over there this morning and I did all the measurements and then came back and got it drawn in AutoCAD LT 2014. At this point I only have the house outline and the location and size of the two doors, plus all the concrete paving on the south side. As you can see in the drawing at the left, there are two parallel sections of concrete; the longer one away from the house is the driveway, the other is the patio. At 8'4", the patio will provide a nice outside sitting and eating area. The driveway is long enough to easily allow two vehicles under the awning. Though I don't show the awning dimensions, it covers the whole width of the concrete area and extends from about 2' from the back to about 2' from the front edge of the patio slab.

Overwhelming options and choices; dinner with Groendyks    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

We have not been to Olive Garden yet this winter, so  tonight it was our choice to go with Bonnie and Jay Groendyk for a going-away dinner. They are snowbirds who will be leaving tomorrow to return to Michigan. They have been staying each winter for many years on the space three down Q Street from us. I met them through Kerby and Gizmo a couple of years ago - our first year on Q Street - since we usually walked down that way for at least one of their daily walks. Since Elaine did not go on those walks, she did not get to meet them until this winter. Jay suffered a health crisis shortly after arriving in Phoenix last December, and I helped Bonnie learn how to work various systems in their Phaeton. And as a result of closer contact, Elaine and I became friends with them both. But as is normal with snowbirds, they will be heading home tomorrow.

The change saga goes on    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

photo of D54

This is the 16x60 mobilehome we are purchasing to spend part of each year in, located in Royal Palm Community

The next step in our saga of change occurred today, when we made an offer to purchase a 16x60 mobilehome here in Royal Palm Community, and the offer was accepted. We expect to close on Monday. We felt the need to do this because we will have to stay in Phoenix for an as-yet unknown period of time this summer while I undergo whatever radiation treatment is being planned to combat the prostate cancer. As much as we love living in OurHous, our 40-foot Phaeton motorhome just does not have the cooling capacity to handle a Phoenix summer. But we will continue living in OurHous part of each year and live in the (as yet unnamed) mobilehome during winters. I think it will be about a 50-50 split each year.

Good news; many changes    (Click for full story)

Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

March 11th was an unsettling day for us. That was the day we received confirmation of the diagnosis of prostate cancer for me. Today we received the news that further testing has shown that the cancer has not spread beyond the prostate itself, and my doctor has prescribed a medication to contain it and recommended radiation treatment to get rid of the cancer cells. I start the prescription tomorrow, but don't have any further information about the treatment. I am waiting to get an appointment with the radiation oncologist to determine that.

68 seconds; new springs    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of rear springs

A set of old (front) and new (back) rear jack springs

68 seconds! I was amazed, and pleased, when it only took that long for the hydraulic leveling jacks on our 2012 Phaeton to totally retract. Lately it has been taking maybe a minute for the front jacks to retract and up to 15-20 minutes for the rear. That was totally unacceptable. When Tim Stevens of Blue Agave Mobile RV Repair was here a couple of weeks ago to do a repair on our front gas furnace, I asked him if he worked on HWH leveling systems as well. He does. He is factory-certified on HWH. I showed him how they were working and he suspected it was a problem with the springs. He said that in 2012 HWH had had so many problems with jacks retracting that they redesigned the system and introduced a different set of the springs that are used to help the jacks retract.

Burgundy beef tips; Kerby lumps    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Delicious! Tender! Tasty! Yum, yum. And much more can be said for Elaine's Burgundy Beef Tips. That was supper tonight, and it is always welcome. She takes 1-1½ lbs sirloin tips, cut into one-inch chunks, cooks them in 1 cup burgundy, a box of beef broth, and ¼-½ cup soy sauce for about 2 hours. Then she thickens with corn starch to suit, and serves it over noodles. Our favorite is the campanelle noodles, though any will do. It is a rich, hearty dish. Tonight she served it with steamed green beans, but just about any vegetable will do. Twice we have found sirloin at Fry's on a buy one get TWO free basis and took advantage of the opportunity. She cuts some up and packages it for this dish and packages the rest for cooking as steaks.