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Taylor and Mary; run slide in    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, September 18, 2014 - Missoula MT

Photo of Mary and Taylor

Mary and Taylor giving the boys their treat

Taylor came by again this evening so we could spend some more time with her, and she brought her friend Mary with her. We all went out to dinner at Fiesta En Jalisco, a Mexican restaurant just a ways up on N Reserve St. The fare was good, the company better. Kerby and Gizmo were excited to see Taylor again, and took to Mary right away. They know when someone will pay attention to them and give them treats! After dinner we all came back to OurHous to visit some more before the girls had to go back home to study. We were happy that we got to see Taylor a couple of times at least.

Taylor-squared; Idaho I-15    (Click for full story)

Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - Missoula MT

Photo of Taylor and Taylor

Taylor and Taylor, and Kerby

Our leg up to Missoula MT was to visit with granddaughter Taylor Dockter, and she came over shortly after we arrived and got set up. With her was her friend, Taylor, so we had Taylor-Squared! They stayed for supper - Elaine made a delicious spaghetti supper along with a fresh loaf of the beer bread she made a few days ago. Both were hits, of course. We had a great time visiting with the two girls for a couple of hours, and it was fun listening to the two them talking about a homework assignment. I even got to teach Taylor 2 how to activate voice control for the camera on her Samsung S5! Elaine likes the S5 so much I think she will use one of our upgrades to switch from her S4 to an S5 while we are in Portland.

Hello Ririe, Idaho; Goodbye Rock Springs    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - Ririe ID

Photo  of John and dogs

John getting ganged on by Kerby and Gizmo when he stopped by this morning to say goodbye

We waited to leave Rock Springs KOA this morning until after the mail, UPS, and FedEx came in because we were expecting two packages. They did not come in, but we found out later that one had been sent to Destry's in OR so that is good. Elaine does not know what happened to the other. Then while preparing to leave I discovered that our left rear leveling jack would not retract. It had been driven about eight inches into some mud, and I think there was too much suction power of the mud holding it back. Elaine went down to the office to borrow a shovel, since I thought I could release the suction by clearing some of the mud away. But before she got back the jack had retracted enough so I could move OurHous onto dry gravel to make it easier to work on it.

Picking up, putting away; breakfast with John    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014 - Rock Springs WY

Photo of White Mountain

We enjoy this view of the old ranch buildings and White Mountain from our site at Rock Springs KOA

Our main focus today has been to pick up things we had taken out and were using and put them away in preparation for leaving Rock Springs tomorrow. Elaine had been doing some card making work and had her Cricut machine out as well as various paper items. So she put those away and also put away the folding table. I had to make a run to UPS and the Post Office to get some items shipped, and got that done. But we started the day with breakfast at the Santa Fe Trail restaurant in Rock Springs with son John. He had contacted his Mom last night and asked to do that (even though he is not a breakfast person!) and we enjoyed our visit with him.

No drip with Teflon; more baffles; Kyle and Ashley visit    (Click for full story)

Posted: Sunday, September 14, 2014 - Rock Springs WY

Photo of water connections

Here's the plumbing connections that were dripping

I have left the park water feed turned off except for when I wanted to fill our tank, because I had several joints dripping. I hate to waste water, and in this case with the water connection down in a pit it made it worse because the pit would fill with water and then flow out onto the ground. And the ground is clay, so the water does not soak it well and the clay turns to sticky mud. I tried tightening the connections with channel lock pliers, and also tried replacing some washers, but still it leaked. Then in a totally unrelated conversion yesterday Shane mentioned something about Teflon tape, and I dawned on me that this might fix my problem. So this afternoon I took apart my connections and applied Teflon tape to all those that I normally do not undo.

Got a leg (rest) up; more organizing    (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, September 13, 2014 - Rock Springs WY

photo of Shane

Shane studying the mechanisms under the seat before removing the old drive motor.

We have a movable leg rest on the passenger seat again! As you may recall, the motor seized up a couple of weeks ago and once I diagnosed the  problem I ordered a replacement motor from Tiffin. It arrived on Thursday, and Shane came over this morning to help me remove the old and install the new. Good thing, too, because parts of it turned out to be a two-person job. I had detached the seat base from the mount and had the seat on its side, and had started loosening the base from the seat which we needed to do to get at the motor. What we discovered as we got into the project, we would have to disassemble or remove more than one part of the assembly to get at the motor. Some of the bolts were difficult to get at, and that is where having two people helped because one could hold the assembly in place while the other worked the bolts and nuts.