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Outfitting a house from scratch...    (Click for full story)

Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Outfitting a house from scratch is: expensive..... time-consuming..... thought-provoking..... decision-requiring..... confusing..... fun..... and many more! Since we have been fulltime RVers for the last few years and prior to that sold the house we lived in and essentially everything in it, aside from food items and our personal stuff we have nothing with which to start a new household. That means that everything from furniture to ant cups has to be bought from scratch. We will leave all the household goods in our motorhome so we don't have to move all that stuff back and forth. And outfitting a house from scratch means we can make design decisions almost all at once; the content of most houses reflects changes in taste and availability over a wide range of years. This will start all at once.

A different pasta; the three "Cs"    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, May 22, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of radiatore

My radiatore-sausage dinner.

I like it! While shopping in the local Walmart Neighborhood Market a couple of days ago I noticed a pasta type that I have never seen before - radiatore. The shape has a number of fins and get its name from the resemblance to a radiator. I thought they would hold sauce very well and that is what attracted me to them. I bought a box and tried them tonight, and they do, indeed, hold the sauce well. I cooked a Classico Family Favorites Meat Sauce and added some frozen mixed vegetables to it to cook. And I cooked some Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage to go with it. It tasted great and worked well with that thick sauce. Check out the interesting shape in the photos at left.

Elaine innovates; my turn    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Elaine in chair

Elaine uses her desk chair inside to get around, since she can't walk without pain

After her ligament injury yesterday, it is painful for Elaine to put any weight on her left leg. I had to spend the morning at a dermatology clinic so she had to have some way to get back and forth to the bathroom. She innovated and used her desk chair! When I came home she proudly showed me how well she can move around our motorhome and get from the  couch to the bathroom or from desk to bathroom. She simply moved a couple of rugs, which left the tile floor and easy surface to roll on. And while she can't roll the chair all the way to the bathroom, she can get far enough so she only has a couple of steps to go and plenty of places to hold onto for support. Smart lady!!

Limb by limb    (Click for full story)

Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

A week and a half ago she fractured her left humerus bone. Today, Elaine injured or tore a ligament in her left knee. My poor sweetheart is having a bad time right now. She needed help to do a lot of basic things before today, and now she can do fewer of the things on her own that she could do just this morning. The latest happened as she turned to sit down; she heard and felt a "pop" and felt immediate pain. She called out for me to help her get positioned on her seat and then to get her back up again. Putting any load on her left leg brought immediate pain.

Elaine, updated    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Elaines arm

The back of Elaine's arm shows the worst bruising

While the improvement in Elaine's fractured humerus is noticeable, she still has much pain and is limited in movement. She can move her left hand around quite a lot now, as long as she does not raise it by bending the elbow. And while she can move her arm slightly out from her body, it is very limited in that direction as well. Anything beyond those limits means great pain. And when Gizmo climbs up over her body and her left arm and shoulder to get to the back of the couch it really gets a rise from her! But we are heartened that healing is taking place. She was told by a nurse in the hospital that the first week would be the worst, and that is about what it was for Elaine. It is now eleven days since she fell and fractured her humerus.

Verizon - grrrrr; Cameron; house progress    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, May 18, 2015 - Phoenix AZ

I would have fired him on the spot! This afternoon we went to the Verizon store at Paradise Valley Marketplace in Phoenix to purchase a tempered glass screen protector for Elaine's Samsung Galaxy S-4 and to ask how to have my Google calendar show up in the browser on my laptop and my tablet, both Windows machines. I brought my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet with me so I could be shown. When the tech picked up my tablet and saw it was Windows-based he immediately went on a loud tirade about Microsoft and Windows. He was joined by another tech and this went on for several minutes. He angrily grabbed my tablet and tried to figure out how to work with it, getting more and more vociferous and frustrated by the minute.